There are few metals as versatile and valuable as silver. It’s one of the only metals universally used in industry and appreciated for its value by investors and governments alike. Silver bullion should definitely be part of your investment portfolio, and it’s very important that you have the physical metal in your possession, rather than buying silver ETFs or other non-tangible options. While buying silver coins does usually comes with a bit higher premium, there are less expensive options to fit your needs. If you’re not interested in numismatic value (collectability), then 1 oz silver rounds are the answer.

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American Silver Eagles BU

Issued in 1986, the American Silver Eagle is the official silver bullion coin of the United States issued by the Mint. These coins weigh a full troy ounce composed of .999 fine silver, making it one of the most attractive and distinguished pieces minted by the United States. Its "Walking Liberty" design is based on the classic 1916 half dollar design. This is the only silver coin guaranteed by the United States Government for its weigh, content, and purity . Now with Certificate of Authenticity!